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Flawless executions sell better. Track the execution indicators at each POS, guide and manage your team with agility and show off your sell-out!

Strengthen your control at every POS

If you don’t have transparent metrics, meaningless reports or with mistakes, and lack of information lead to wrong decisions. That is why creating a Perfect Store strategy to track execution indicators at each POS is fundamental for retail execution teams that want to give a sell-out show.


What if you could accurately track your price, presence, share and additional display space strategies? And still know if channels are receiving the right products, if the price is correct and if the planogram and space goals are in accordance with the plan?


With Perfect Store from Involves Stage, you can customize the execution indicators the way you want them and track each POS according to their score. It’s much easier to identify what can be improved and provide assertive guidelines to the field reps, besides the possibility to integrate it with incentive programs.

How Perfect Store works:



Define your pricing, presence, share or additional display space strategies



Define the score that makes sense for your strategy



Visualize in an intuitive way what should improve at each POS

The 4 Pillars of the Perfect Execution


1. Price

Check if the price is correct, if it meets the channel pricing strategy, if it’s visible to the shopper and in line with possible promotions


2. Presence

Identify the existence of your product assortment on each channel


3. Share of Shelf

Measure and validate the visibility of products at the POS


4. Additional Display

Evaluate more visibility points and track the presence of additional spaces

Why is a perfect execution important?


of base sales are driven by the consumer’s relationship with brand and product (GFK)


of shoppers think that the most important aspect of a store is a good layout of the products. (ABIESV)


of companies that aren’t able to achieve their sales goal don’t have a dedicated team for retail execution. (Involves Club)


of sales are ultimately the responsibility of retail execution (15% of activities at the POS + 60% of the base sales). (GFK)


of increase in the availability of products on the shelves represents a 1% increase in sales. (SymphonyIRIGroup)


of the purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. (Nielsen)

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