The 3 challenges of Industries, Agencies, and Distributors

Measuring the efficiency and performance of field reps who visit points of sale


Tracking the performance indicators of each point of sale with precision and agility


Collect reliable data and transform it into strategic information to make stronger decisions

The right technology for your POS strategy


Increase your team’s productivity by up to 70%

With Involves Stage you can have a better view of the routes, track the visits of outsourced professionals and ensure workday compliance. By managing time better, your field team becomes more productive, covers more points of sale on the same day and can implement more strategic actions


Track the performance of each POS in real time

With our retail execution solution, you can create custom forms, collect data in the field and schedule tasks dynamically. You can track everything in real time and get both security and agility to make decisions


Empower your results with intelligent data analysis

Using Involves Stage data crossing and intelligence, your back-office team creates tasks so that field professionals never miss an opportunity at the points of sale. This improves the presence of your brand and increases the sales of your products


Strengthen your control at every POS

With your Involves Stage Perfect Store program, you can customize the performance indicators the way you want them and track each POS according to their score.


It’s much easier to identify what can be improved and provide assertive guidelines to the field reps, increasing the sales of your products even more.

Our technology reduces the time spent collecting data at the POS from 15 to only 2 minutes.

Learn about Involves Stage’s image recognition technology with artificial intelligence. Turn photos of shelves into data on product presence and stockouts, share by category, and planogram compliance.

Simple, fast and with precision superior to that of the human eye.


21 Countries



Customers Worldwide



Brands Served



Field Professional in over 200k POS


+3 million

Data Generated per Week

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