Turn photos of your products into accurate and readable data!

Reduce data collection time by 80% and increase team productivity. The ROI of the Image Recognition solution can return up to 7 times your investment!

See what the Image Recognition technology can do for your operation!

With Image Recognition, your company can cover more stores with the same number of people. Your field reps will have more time to build strategic relationships at each point of sale. 

Transforms photos of shelves and displays into presence, share by category and planogram compliance data. Easily, quickly and with accuracy superior to the human eye. 

  • More than 10 indicators with only 1 photo. 
  • Reduce information collection time from 15 to 2 minutes.
  • Our technology processes an average of 700K photos per month for our customers. 

Gain control and monitor out-of-stocks in real time. See metrics across all categories in a single visit, with detailed insights by SKU provided by Involves Stage’s AI. 

Know precisely the number of facings for SKUs, Product Lines, or Brands at each POS.

Discover the main benefitsof using Involves Stage Image Recognition Technology:

Productivity and Data Collection Time

Reduces the time it takes to get information at the POS from 15 minutes to just 2 minutes.

Accuracy of Information

Relevant and reliable data with an accuracy of up to 88%, which is superior to the human eye.


Use more than 90% of the data you collect at the POS. Accuracy of everything that happens in the field for deploying an immediate strategy and actions in the market.

How Image Recognition works


Collect data

Field reps take a picture of the shelf at the point of sale. As the system receives more images, it begins to identify patterns and draws conclusions on its own.



The AI Technology interprets the POS images and processes information on availability, pricing, product assortment, share of shelf, competition actions, and product placement.


The technology automates reports for you to evaluate the performance and guide the field reps based on more accurate data.

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