Involves Stage changes the culture of the most diversified player in the Pharmaceutical channel

Reaching 18K drugstores each week, Profarma uses Involves Stage to manage their sales team and to overcome major challenges.

It is very gratifying to know that a tool that we chose, adopted and went through the whole learning process, today runs through our team’s veins.

Rodrigo Andrade – Commercial Analyst – Profarma

The main challenge faced by Profarma was related to the exchange of information between their salespeople and the backoffice. Field professionals would receive information from a variety of sources and the solutions available before Involves Stage did not provide the data in a consolidated way.

Access to information would allow a smart itinerary setting for their salespeople. A continuous review of information related to the service provided to the points of sale would also allow the company to make improvements, so that Profarma would be able to take appropriate actions for the pharmaceutical channel, a segment in constant transformation.

When it was integrated into the salespeople routine, Involves Stage made possible to monitor the performance of the salespeople and of the stores attended by them.

With the creation of forms, backoffice realized that the team would be better engaged with the solution provided by Involves.

“Because they can count on the tool and because all the information is available online, the salespeople accept Involves Stage much better than the other applications we’ve tried.” Today we know when a salesperson has visited a drugstore. “They are more often present at these stores, and this helps us with the industry”, according to Rodrigo Andrade, business analyst at Profarma.

The significant gain in productivity has transformed Profarma’s relationship with the industry. By controlling the information related to the execution, the distributor is able to answer immediately to any questions regarding the service.

“Suddenly, the industry might ask: How many points of sale do you reach? I reach that many points of sale. How can I answer that? I have Involves Stage to prove it. I have the reports, and with them I can show how many customers I serve and how do I serve them”, explains Milton Reis, sales supervisor at Profarma.

According to Edenilson Trevisan, the company’s Business Manager, the information available on Involves Stage is critical for the team to advertise the quality of the service provided, both internally and for the related industries.

The team’s engagement becomes clear through some indicators, such as itineraries execution.“In last August, we achieved 80% of our itinerary execution, a number which we could only imagine. We could never go beyond 50%, so 80% seemed too far-fetched. This was our reality six months before we deployed Involves Stage”, says Rodrigo, while emphasizing that the results of the salespeople and the team involved in this project was recognized by all the company’s leaders.

Adherence to the technology was agreed during a forum held with the supervisors and field managers. Each new demand or orientation was followed by the question: “Where this will show up on the Involves Stage?”