The official trade operation technology of Nestlé Brokers

Over 90K points of sale served and a single technology capable of optimizing all Nestlé Brokers trade marketing operations: Involves Stage.

The great benefit of Involves Stage to Distlé was transforming the point of sale mass merchandising to something that is customized for each sales rep. Now we are able to award, promote or even dismiss the professional based on their performance.

Marcelo Bigolin –  Director – Distlé

Bring together sales reps and establish trade marketing process standards aligned to Nestlé expectations: those were the major challenges for brokers.

The investment sought to demand their visits with pictures in real time of all exhibited products, their assortments, sales volume review and quick precise access to information. Involves Stage became the official platform for trade marketing management of Nestlé’s indirect channel, used in all brokers.

Effectiveness in monitoring team activities and information reporting were the points in common among brokers of cities all over Brazil. The company has over 97K POS and over 1,5K sales reps managed by our technology.