The trade technology that allowed DIPROSUL to beat growth expectations.

Involves Stage was the trade marketing Technology responsible for the growth of one of the largest Johnson & Johnson distributors in Brazil.

We provide credible information to our suppliers. Their field surveys match our own, besides the vision the employee has that the company is supporting them, which makes the employee more secure during the whole process. Involves Stage helps us increase our revenue, improve our profitability, our competency and our ability to compete with other suppliers.

Ivo Ramos – Controller – Diprosul

The largest Johnson & Johnson distributor in the State of Santa Catarina, Diprosul, faced a major lack of information. The sales reps did not report their activities and the products were exhibited without standards. People management, done through spreadsheets, was ineffective and did not accomplish all their customers’ needs.

After starting a pilot project with Involves Stage, the decision-makers of the distributor realized that establishing standards and increasing results would not be possible without monitoring the information in real time. Now, they are a success case. Check out the testimonials in the video and understand how trade marketing can increase representativeness of your indirect channel:

The adoption of this technology brought credibility, accuracy during field surveys and visibility of the work done by their sales reps. According to Ivo Ramos, Diprosul controller, Involves Stage increased their revenue, profitability, competency and ability to compete with other suppliers.