Accuracy in information from backoffice to point of sales

Involves Stage simplified the agency’s data collection in order to check the veracity of information, improve their Operations and satisfy their customers.

I am able to see the location of the sales reps, if they already checked in the point of sales to solve a customer’s doubt and if some necessary information has already been provided, all this in real time. Involves Stage is a complete solution and its implementation satisfied our customers.

Pamela Morosso – COORDINATOR – Café

Due to some issues such as lost information, long deadlines and inaccuracy while reporting to their customers, Café looked for a trade marketing management technology. Back then, their customers contracted a given number of visits and the agency was not able to prove whether those visits were attended.

After discovering Involves Stage, the team experienced the ease of creating reports and showing the results of their actions to their customers. Technology became an unique feature among all the services provided by them.

With 100% of the team control in the hands of their supervisors and coordinators, the the agency reality has changed. The work of the sales reps gained visibility and managers started to count on more dynamic reports and with real information collected in field.