People, technology, music, inclusion, innovation and retail execution

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Rock playing in the background, two bands committed to music and to bring everyone together in a garage full of good vibes. We were born among this “mess”, with positive vibes and thanks to some very nice guys.

The year was 2009, the stage was Florianópolis, the Magic Island, in Southern Brazil. When it hit us, we were working with technology. The desire to achieve it was so strong, that all that determination and passion kickstarted the retail execution software that, to this day, is the star of our show.

Agile Promoter, which is now called Involves Stage, soon became a major hit. When that happens, you know expectations grow, rehearsals happen more frequently, and some advanced techniques become crucial to go out on tour.

Today, besides the headquarters in Florianópolis, we are also in São Paulo and Mexico City, along with some great partners in the industry such as L'Oréal, Unilever, Danone, and Samsung.


And since we're talking about hearts, ours is huge! Whenever possible, we roll up our sleeves and contribute to social projects. We understand that this is a humble way to foster the development and appreciation of people and initiatives close to us.

Putting all that together could only result in a good thing! In so many comings and goings, we have received some very significant awards.

Besides our awards, we know we're on the right track when our team's eyes reflect the same desire to grow as we did back when there were only six of us. We are inspired by the dreams and the energy resulting from them coming true. Therefore, we keep pursuing more and more dreams, some bigger than the ones before.

We are technology. We are people. We are global.

We are Involves.